About Baid Fans

Founded in 2009, Baid Fans is one of the leading Manufacturers of Cieling Fans, Stand Fans, Exhaust Fans, Table Fans, Cabin Fans, Geysers, Iron, Immerson Rod and other electrical items. Our Proprietor Mr Pankaj Baid is backed with over 15 years of experience in design, testing, production & sales of various kinds of Electronics. In last decade Baid Fans has transformed from a single product company to a multi-product provider for various electrical items for home and industrial use.

Baid Fans focuses on its customers and strives to match their exacting needs and expectations Today, behind every product and every action, the customer has become the sole focus.This culture is sustained by core values of becoming customer-centric, reliable and result-oriented.

We believe in equal opportunity for all. We believe in taking care of our people and bonding with them. We believe that our people should differentiate us from others. We encourage trust and openness in work. We encourage teamwork. We motivate one who tries and does not succeed.

Baid Fans is also committed to environmental & social responsibility for a better tomorrow.